How Drug and Health Screening Can Improve Workplace Safety

Complete Information About How Drug and Health Screening Can Improve Workplace Safety

According to experts, drug and health screening programs reduce accidents, insurance costs, and absenteeism. However, companies should be aware of laws that vary by state and locale. Urine tests are the most popular, and they test for cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and marijuana. Employers should use a certified lab and a medical review officer to ensure the accuracy of results.

Increased Productivity

The average worker spends about three-fourths of their waking hours at work, creating a unique opportunity for workplace drug programs to impact society as a whole positively. This is because employees using drugs or under the influence of alcohol tend to hurt morale and are less productive than those who are clean and sober.

Many companies conduct pre-employment drug testing to prevent hiring drug users. The results and details about drug testing help maintain a safe environment and free the company from crime and tragic accidents caused by intoxication. Drug-free workplaces also attract and retain quality job applicants. One study comparing employees who tested positive in a pre-employment drug test with those who did not found that after three years, workers who tested positive had a 77 percent higher firing rate than those who did not.

This was even though the positive test results indicated only that the individuals had used illicit drugs in the past, with no indication of current use or any ongoing problem. Most drug-testing programs involve an employee giving a sample of their urine to be tested. This is often done at a doctor’s office or the company’s designated location. The results are then sent to a laboratory for confirmation. Some companies take this one step further and provide a resource for the workers who test positive, helping them find the resources they need to get clean.

Reduced Insurance Costs

Drug testing can save companies money by lowering insurance premiums. This is because employees who use drugs are more likely to have accidents and injuries, which can lead to costly workers’ compensation claims and medical expenses. Additionally, drug abusers tend to miss work more often and may have higher unemployment rates. Random workplace drug tests can also help to deter the misuse of recreational drugs like marijuana and cocaine.

When employees know that they could be tested at any time, they may think twice about using these recreational drugs, which can lead to disciplinary action or termination. The benefits of implementing a drug testing program at your business are numerous and can significantly improve the safety and productivity of your employees.

However, some employees may feel that the company’s decision to implement a drug test policy is an invasion of their privacy. This is especially true when the tests are performed before hiring new employees and as part of their annual physical. The good news is that your company can implement a successful and cost-effective drug testing program with the right training and the use of a reputable drug screening service.

Increased Employee Morale

Drug testing isn’t just about catching current employees who use drugs; it’s also a way to maintain a safe work environment free from crime and tragic accidents. By requiring all potential and new hires to undergo pre-employment drug screening, employers can ensure that no employee is using illegal or prescription drugs that could impair their ability to perform their job safely. This helps protect the company from being held liable for any workplace incidents that result in serious injuries or property damage and may even help keep them compliant with government regulations and directives.

Workers who know they will regularly be subject to random drug screenings are likelier to avoid illegal or recreational drug use because they don’t want to jeopardize their employment opportunities or risk losing their paychecks. This can significantly decrease turnover, which can be costly to the company, and create a safer work environment for other employees. Rather than simply firing employees that test positive for illegal drug use, some companies are taking advantage of the opportunity to help those struggling with addiction find treatment programs that can assist them in dealing with their substance abuse problems. This is an effective approach to promote a healthy workplace and improve morale by helping those most need it.

Improved Customer Service

Many companies require employees to pass a health screening or drug test as part of their employment. This ensures that the employee is fit for work and can perform the job safely. Employees using drugs may cause accidents that put the lives of others at risk. These accidents cost the company money through legal fees, employee personal injury, and damage to property or equipment. Drug and health screenings prevent these issues and keep the workplace safe. It is important to note that screening for substance abuse does not always detect all forms of drug abuse. For instance, some prescription medications are also addictive and can negatively affect job performance. For this reason, it is vital to ensure that the person you hire does not have a prescription for opioids.

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