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Latest News Cyan Boujee Leaked

Prestigious DJ and force to be reckoned with Cyan Boujee Leaked isn’t new to the debate. She is back again beating out all competitors. As per Charges, Cyan Boujee’s confidential video has been released web-based by her previous sweetheart named Value Kaybee.

Cyan Boujee Spilled Video Circulates around the web, Moving on Twitter, Reddit

The moment it was released Cyan Boujee Leaked confidential video circulated around the web with Cyan assuming control over Twitter and blaming Sovereign for releasing her own tape. As of late Cyan Boujee posted on her Instagram expressing “I’m ayt folks, however wow may God favor Ruler Kaybee. It’s him, certainly. My main issue is my niggas are all going to dump me today.” In spite of charging him via online entertainment, Sovereign Kaybee is yet to offer any comments.

Cyan Boujee battles with Ruler Kaybee over a supposed spilled video

As Cyan Boujee’s declaration, the confidential video was recorded by her a long while back, and used to date Sovereign around then. Albeit Cyan has likewise referenced that she is good with the video being spilled as it got her exposure and a hotly debated issue in the news.

In the event that you follow her, you would be aware, she isn’t new to outrages. Over the course of the last years, Cyan Boujee Leaked has been essential for some information and for some unacceptable reasons. During her appearance in the Venting Webcast with Gogo Skhotheni, she conceded to having a close connection with DJ Maphorisa. Back in the time, she owned up to disliking Maphorisa and never had any relationship with him. Presently it has been unveiled that it was every one of the a falsehood, she did as a matter of fact date and was dependably enamored with him.

She likewise dated Busta 929. During her appearance at Digital broadcast and Chill with MacG interview, she revealed her undertaking with him. Aside from that likewise d a committed relationship with Blaq Jewel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who is Cyan Boujee, and for what reason would she say she is standing out as truly newsworthy?

Boujee is a famous DJ and powerhouse known for her disputable activities and explanations. She is as of now at the center of attention because of the supposed spillage of a confidential video including her, which has turned into a web sensation on the web.

2.What are the charges encompassing the spilled video?

It is claimed that Boujee’s previous sweetheart, Ruler Kaybee, released a confidential video of her on the web. The video has acquired huge consideration via online entertainment stages like Twitter and Reddit.

3.How did Cyan Boujee respond to the spilled video?

Boujee took to her web-based entertainment accounts, especially Twitter, to blame Sovereign Kaybee for releasing her own video. She posted that she was alright with the hole, as it brought her exposure, yet communicated worry that her connections may be impacted.

4.Has Ruler Kaybee answered the allegations?

As of the most recent reports, Ruler Kaybee has not openly answered the allegations made by Boujee in regards to the spilled video.

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