Chamarajanagar Schoolteacher Blackmailed Viral Video: Leaked on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Instagram

Latest News Chamarajanagar Schoolteacher Blackmailed Viral Video

Here we will give the insights regarding the confidential video that is circulating around the web over the web. Chamarajanagar Schoolteacher Blackmailed Viral Video.

The general population is going through the web to look into this viral video and not just that they additionally prefer to know the new updates about this viral news. Thus, we have achieved data the viral video in this article for our perusers. Not just that we are likewise going to give the insights about the new reports on the viral video as people in general is looking through about it over the web.

Chamarajanagar Teacher Coerced

There has been news becoming a web sensation over the web about a teacher and her previous sweethearts. As indicated by the sources, the teacher documented a protest against her previous darling. At the point when this news got through the web people in general began to go web-based looking for this case. There have been many tales likewise in regards to the Chamarajanagar Schoolteacher Blackmailed Viral Video. A portion of general society likewise looked for the explanation for this objection and what was the allegation behind this grumbling. Thus, in the following segment of the article, we will give more insights about this viral news and not just that we will likewise discuss the video that is circulating around the web.

A teacher has revealed her ex-sweetheart and his companion to the Karnataka Police for blackmailing her over some private film. As per specialists, the charged had asked that she separate from her mate and give him Rs 10 lakh in return for not becoming famous online with the individual recordings. The casualty’s instructor had announced the episode to the police. Following the documenting of the grievance, the blamed evaporated, and the police began searching for him.

The person in question and Adbul Aseem had been familiar for quite a long time. Quite a while back, the lady marry another person. The casualty was being constrained by the blamed to leave her significant other and move in with him. On the off chance that she didn’t leave her life partner, he promised to make her confidential films famous. She got private films from the denounced, Abdul Aseem, and his companion Mayur, who imparted them to her better half and family members. They had taken steps to organize an assault among Hindus and Muslims in the event that she didn’t leave her life partner. Moreover, they had believed Rs 10 lakh from her for coming up short should spread the confidential film via virtual entertainment.

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