5 Benefits of Buying Disinfectant Wipes in Bulk

Complete Infromation About 5 Benefits of Buying Disinfectant Wipes in Bulk

Maintaining a stockpile of disinfectant wipes is essential for all industries. Keeping soft packs and canisters of virucidal wipes on hand helps to sanitize surfaces quickly, curbing the spread of bacteria and viruses.

While social distancing and wearing masks are the core behaviors for preventing COVID-19 transmission, cleaning frequently touched surfaces is also vital. Here are five benefits of buying disinfectant wipes in bulk.

Save Money

Compared to the cost of a single container of disinfectant wipes, buying in bulk can save you money. 

It also allows you to maintain a high stock count and avoid running out of disinfecting wipes. It is vital because unexpected factors can lead to shortages, like bad weather and logistical problems with your supplier.

Most disinfectant wipes contain ingredients that kill viruses and bacteria and clean spills, messes, and grease. These wipes are also made of biodegradable and compostable materials, making them a green choice for cleaning up your business. Just ensure that the wipes are labeled as compostable and that you have a system to compost them properly. If you have a compost bin, the wipes should only be flushed down the toilet since they might clog pipes and cause blockages.

Save Time

Purchasing disinfectant wipes in bulk is crucial for companies that depend on high hygiene standards, including hotels and hospitals, to ensure they always have the supplies required. Buying in bulk can also save time by keeping a constant supply of wipes on hand easier. It eliminates the need to make multiple orders and reduces the chances of running out of wipes in critical areas during a COVID-19 pandemic.

Unlike spray bottles, cleaning wipes are easy to use and don’t require the mixing of chemicals. They can be applied once and fit into confined locations where sprays cannot. Wipes can also kill germs more effectively than detergents and are much safer than using towels and sprays that may spread contaminants through cross-contamination.

To further cut your costs, look for high-count packages of wipes, which typically offer a lower price per wipe. Additionally, you can save even more by using coupons. 

Save Space

The perks of buying disinfectant wipes in bulk include having plenty of them on hand, cutting down on waste, and supporting a small business. And since many of the best bulk-buying options are made with eco-friendly packaging, you’re also helping to reduce your environmental impact.

Whether or not buying in bulk depends on how much you’re saving per unit and the quality of the items in question. For example, buying high-quality, EPA-approved disinfectants that kill Covid-19 and other germs without damaging surfaces is a good idea.

While a traditional disinfectant spray might better fit some workplaces, others prefer disposable disinfectant wipes’ ease of use and hygiene benefits. In any event, both provide hospital-grade hygiene and are far less expensive than other solutions on the market.

Save the Environment

Disinfectant wipes are necessary for many industries, including healthcare and office environments. Viruses and bacteria can easily cling to high-touch surfaces, so these environments must maintain a supply of disinfectant wipes. These are also safer alternatives to sprays, which can force chemicals into the air, where they may be inhaled and land on food or equipment.

Wipes are eco-friendly for cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitizing. Additionally, they are constructed from recycled materials, and their soft pack makes portability easier. The environmental working group’s guide to healthy cleaning has rated these non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning wipes and earned the EPA safer choice rating.

By buying your disinfectant wipes in bulk, you can save money and always have more on hand. You’ll also reduce waste by making fewer trips to the store and using less packaging. Plus, you’ll support a small business and help to reduce environmental impact. 

Save Energy

Using disinfectant wipes correctly requires following the instructions on the label, including ensuring that the surface remains wet for the 4 to 10 minutes needed for the product. While this may seem time-consuming, buying in bulk can make it easier to follow the guidelines and reduce cleaning tasks.

The best disinfectant wipes are easy-to-use, non-toxic, and contain no alcohol. Those factors can help you stay safe and healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

While many of us have been stockpiling wipes in stores and online, it’s important to remember that overbuying can lead to waste and unnecessary purchases. Additionally, many retailers need more stock, have longer shipping times, or charge higher prices.

Buying bulk from a supplier ensures you always have wipes, helps you save money, and supports a small business. It means you’ll also reduce waste and keep a company that cares about the environment, health, and community.

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