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Brittany Renner leaked video Twitter, An Instagram model, left past NFL champion Shannon Sharpe baffled when she yielded on his advanced recording, “Club Shay,” to having had s*x with 35 novel men generally through her life.

Brittany Renner spilled video Twitter

Brittany Renner leaked video Twitter just centered around her s*x life to Shannon Sharp staggeringly… and uncovered that she’s set down with 35 men – a number that bewildered the Virtuoso Football Entryway of Famer so much, he expected to take a beverage of alcohol.

The “Ball Companions” star offered the articulation while conversing with Sharpe on his advanced recording “Club Shay” about Derek Jeter’s love life. Renner let Sharpe in on that her overview of accessories was fundamentally equivalent to the Yankees legend’s summary… and a while later told the past Denver Horses star her body count. Sharpe answered like he had seen a ghost… almost letting out his water – before shooting back some alcohol. “Benevolent, my God!” said the past NFL running back. “Does some other individual need this shot?!” We’re at a bar, so help yourself!”

Renner took up the nearby conversation several extra minutes sometime later… and let Sharpe in on that she once got a yeast sickness directly following having s*x with three men throughout around 24 hours. The significant conversation didn’t stop there, as the two bird into her relationship with past competitor P.J. Washington. Renner got a handle on that she was on origination counteraction for a long time before she pushed ahead with the Charlotte Hornets… yet decided to break out of that to have a youngster with Washington since she thought he was “my man.”

Renner becomes certifiable about considering a posterity

In any case, another Renner second that has gotten a lot of thought actually is the comments she made about the presentation of PJ Washington’s youngster. During her recently referenced conversation with Charleston White, Renner discussed the genuinely terrible birth she went through for their youth. The outburst was focused on White after he made different s*xually intriguing comments about her during the webcast episode. Renner, regardless of what the lap dance, didn’t heartily embrace his culpable comments and stepped off to the enhancement.

“I procured a second advanced degree, tear. That suggests they shut me down. Right. You grasp what that suggests? That suggests I love that bitch. My pussy was open for him. You handle that? Permit me to tell you something. 50 pounds. Do You hear what I’m referring to? I procured 50 pounds. Charleston 50 pounds. “This is just the singular I’m essentially whatever?” It’s about the money? I trust real sentiment. I’ve said that 100 fucking times! Hi!!! Focus on what I’m fucking referring to. Calm down when A veritable bitch is being pursued.” Stay wild, Brittany Renner leaked video Twitter.

Brittany Renner knows how to get popular men

Renner has never abstained from exclusively dating rich and well known men, including any similarity to Drake, Chris Brown, Three pointer Songz, Ben Simmons, James Harden and Jamal Murray.

She similarly shares a young person with Charlotte Hornets huge man PJ Washington, who is six years more energetic than her. Renner is a past school star at Jackson State and she wasn’t for the most part anyway lovely as she is by all accounts at present, having encountered horrendous skin break out for quite a while.

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