6 Common Back Injuries and How a Chiropractor Can Treat Them

Complete Information About 6 Common Back Injuries and How a Chiropractor Can Treat Them

Occasional back pain is common among older adults, pregnant mothers, busy working professionals, and athletes. The problem can deteriorate, limiting your movement and quality of life. Visiting a chiropractor can align your musculoskeletal and nervous systems to minimize the pain. They diagnose and treat instabilities and nerve issues, alleviating the pain. Here are six common back injuries and how chiropractors can treat them:

1. Sciatica

Sciatica is an injury or irritation running down your back to your legs. It may tingle or numb your lower back and extend to your leg. Sciatica can reduce mobility and may require surgery. A skilled chiropractor can provide noninvasive treatment. They can offer spinal manipulation treatments like vertebral alignment to correct your back. A chiropractor can massage your back to ease pain and align your muscles properly. Proper diagnosis, manipulation, and soft tissue massages can offer fast and long-lasting relief.

2. Arthritis

Arthritis may cause irritation of the spine or sacroiliac facet joints between the spine and pelvis. Spinal arthritis may affect one’s fulcrum, impacting routine activities. It’s more severe with age and reduces your weight-supporting abilities. A trained chiropractor may gently manipulate your spine to reduce muscle spasms and relieve inflammation. Active exercise and diet can minimize the symptoms. Seeking spinal alignment treatments when you are younger may help improve motion and the symptoms of arthritis as you age. 

3. Back Strains

A back strain involves damage to a muscle or tendon. The symptoms may include back pain or stiffness, discomfort in the buttocks and legs, and worsening pain when bending or stretching. Falling, lifting heavy weights, or overstretching may cause back strains. Chiropractic manipulation and spinal decompression practices may correct your spine and ease movement. Active release techniques may stabilize your lower back to strengthen your lower back muscles. A chiropractor may ice your back to reduce inflammation and discomfort. Heat application also improves blood flow to strained areas, improving your recovery. 

4. Herniated Disc

A rupture in the annulus causes a herniated disc. It involves tearing the disc nucleus piece from the annulus to the spinal canal. Herniated discs may occur when bulging or degenerating discs are left untreated. Your case’s severity and needs dictate the technique used. Spinal adjustments may realign your vertebrae, relieving pressure on affected areas. The chiropractor manually applies controlled pressure to the spine to boost the motion range and ease pain. They may use therapeutic exercises to activate adjacent muscles, stabilize the spine, and catalyze recovery. A good chiropractor may integrate therapy modalities like hot and cold therapy to support healing. 

5. Fractured Vertebrae

Fractured vertebrae are caused by accidents or age-related wear. Symptoms include severe back pain, height loss, and bent posture. Seek noninvasive treatment like chiropractic therapy for such injuries. Chiropractors can use exercises, massages, and stretching techniques for treatment. Stretching and massage practices may relieve the pain and stress of the fracture — they may readjust and stabilize the vertebrae to ease healing and maintain posture. 

6. Bulging Disc

This condition occurs when the intervertebral disc’s inner area sags from its outer wall. A disc bulges over time and may affect surrounding discs. Prolonged degeneration may cause spinal stenosis. Chiropractic decompression approaches may comprise traction and stretching techniques. They open gaps between a patient’s vertebrae to reduce pain and stabilize discs. A chiropractor may recommend strengthening exercises to maintain spine alignment. 

Consult a Chiropractor Today 

A trained chiropractor can use focused treatment to manage any misalignments, bulging discs, or compression fractures. This holistic treatment can help boost mobility and quality of life. Seek a certified and licensed chiropractor to avoid injuries during chiropractic care. Contact a chiropractic facility to learn more about back injury treatment today. 

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