Apple Music Vs. Spotify: Which Is Better For Streamers?

Apple Music Vs. Spotify Which Is Better For Streamers

Are you a streamer looking for the major differences between Apple Music and Spotify? If that’s the case, you will get complete and comprehensive information about both platforms and find out which one is better for streamers. Apple Music came after Spotify but has a giant fan following.

And no doubt, Apple Music is a premium place designed only for Apple users where people can listen to quality music every time they pay a certain subscription fee.

But when it comes to starting your own business, especially starting streaming, you might be wondering which one suits you better or should consider both.

This guide will explain all the reasonable differences between Apple Music and Spotify and help you decide which one is good to go for your next streaming experience.

About Apple Music

Apple Music is from Apple Inc., which first came into being in 2015. Since then, it’s been one of the great places for streamers to stream online music or podcasts.

Apple Music is known for its awesome sound quality, rich song library, and millions of monthly users.

About Spotify

Spotify, on the other hand, came in 2006, which means Spotify has been in this game for a while now.

Spotify does stand as great competition against Apple Music because of its high fan following and wide acceptability of free music with ads.

Let’s describe each one differently and compare them to their features to decide which one is better.

Difference Between Sound: Spotify vs. Apple Music

The first thing to compare between two music companies is their sound quality.

As a Streamer, would you be willing to join a place where your followers can listen to rich music? Or do you want to adjust with something a bit low in quality?

The decision is yours. But in research and my own experiment, I’d love to go with Apple Music as they are offering a high music quality.

Spotify offers 160kbps as a high audio quality. On the other hand, Apple Music offers 24-bit/192 Khz audio frequency to listen to some quality songs in your free time.

No doubt this doesn’t make Spotify a bad choice for streamers. Yet, Apple Music won this competition.

Subscribers Growth Over Period: Apple Music vs. Spotify

Spotify and Apple Music both have millions of listeners every month. But as a streamer, you’d only want to increase your streaming channel’s subscribers over a short period.

Whether you need to increase your Apple Music Streams or Spotify streams, it all depends on the quality of content and the music liked by your audience.

Currently, Apple Music holds 88 million users worldwide. At the same time, Spotify has 551 million current users.

That’s because Spotify is also available to Apple Users, whereas Apple Music is only available to Apple users.

An Android user cannot access Apple Music and listen to its high-quality music.

In this race, our winner is Spotify, and in case you want higher growth for Spotify streams over a short period, Spotify is your best shot to consider.

The Content Production: Spotify vs. Apple Music

When you visit Spotify, it has a library of 88 million songs, which includes songs + Audiobooks + Podcasts, and much more.

On the other hand, Apple Music comes with a 100 million songs library and access to some of the world’s most famous Radio Stations live.

However, Apple Music doesn’t include Podcasts or Audio Books. To get these, you will need to visit Apple Podcasts and Apple Books, respectively.

Before starting streaming, you’d really want to know which environment would be less competitive to grow rapidly.

Pricing or Joining Plans: Spotify vs. Apple Music

The next thing comes as to how much price a user has to pay to join either music platform. In that case, Spotify can help you stream any song with ads for free anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

The cheapest rate you can pay to play Spotify music and access its ads-free libraries with multiple songs listening and downloading access is $5.99 for students.

Besides, Spotify does offer a standard plan at $10.99 a month, 14.99 bucks for a duo, and $16.99 for a family.

But Apple Music is a bit expensive and doesn’t offer any free music. Their cheapest subscription comes at $5.99 for Apple Music with Apple TV + free only for students.

Besides, they offer packages that include the same subscription charges we have discussed for Spotify.

So, Which One Is Best For Streamers, Spotify or Apple Music?

Coming to our final recommendations, we believe that Spotify will be a good start in case you want to grow faster in streaming. But Apple Music does offer your taste to a wide audience with high-quality music. So, how about joining both at the same time and starting your streaming goals? Yes, if you have an Apple iPhone, go with Apple Music. But if you love the experience of free music with ads and over 551 million of active users, you should go with Spotify. The choice is yours!

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