[Full Watch] Aguinaldo Promissoria Video: Leaked on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Instagram

Latest News Aguinaldo Promissoria Video

The video that stunned Brazil and raised serious doubts about the demise of councilor Aguinaldo Promissoria Video. The solid pictures flowing via web-based entertainment uncover the grievous finish of the lawmaker from Pará.

The record made by an unknown observer who got Promissória’s better half close to the parliamentarian’s ridiculous body.

Aguinaldo Promissoria Video

The secretive demise of councilor Aguinaldo Promissoria Video, which happened on September 25, 2023, in Santarém, Pará, acquired public repercussions after a stunning video coursed via web-based entertainment. The pictures show Promissória’s sweetheart close to the legislator’s bloodied body, raising doubts about the conditions of the demise.

The video, which immediately spread across WhatsApp and web-based entertainment, was recorded by a unidentified observer inside the room where Promissória was tracked down dead with a discharge to the head. The solid pictures show the sweetheart, Isabela Ataíde, being denounced by the individual liable for the homicide.

Video shows stunning scene with group of Aguinaldo Promissória

The instance of the puzzling passing of councilor Aguinaldo Promissoria Video in Santarém, Pará, took on a much hazier tone when recordings started to circle via virtual entertainment showing the stunning scene where his body was found. The pictures, which immediately spread on WhatsApp and turned into a web sensation on Facebook and Twitter, uncover upsetting insights regarding the last snapshots of the lawmaker and financial specialist’s life.

The video, recorded by a unidentified observer inside the room where Promissória’s bloodied body lay, shows the councilor’s better half, Isabela Ataíde, close to the cadaver. It is feasible to see that the government official was shot in the head, showing a potential execution.

 Examination concerning the demise of Aguinaldo Promissória

The examination concerning the demise of councilor Aguinaldo Promissória is continuous, with the police attempting to explain whether it was self destruction or crime. A few methodology have previously been done, like the sweetheart’s declaration and master assessments, yet significant pieces are as yet missing to arrive at a resolution.

Isabela Ataíde, recognized as Promissória’s sweetheart, was taken to the sixteenth Metropolitan Common Police Segment in Santarém not long after the disclosure of the body to give an assertion. She stayed at the police headquarters for a few hours and came out upheld by different men, covering her face with a shirt.

It is as yet indistinct everything that Isabela said to the police and agents during her cross examination. As per the representative mindful, she passionately denied having killed Promissória and demanded the form that he had ended it all after a contention between the couple.

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