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From scorching tweets to true Snapchat stories, TI’s young lady Zonnique Video : Tiny daughter Zonnique Pullins Twitter. With an astonishing person like her notable gatekeepers, Little and TI, Zonnique enchants fans across stages like Twitter, Snapchat, and Reddit.

Zonnique Video : Little young lady Zonnique Pullins Twitter

“Zonnique Video : Tiny daughter Zonnique Pullins Twitter” Harris from the 90s R&B bundle Xscape. Her father is Zonnie “Zeboe” Pullins. She was brought into the world on Walk 20, 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia.

As the posterity of notable craftsmen, Zonnique spent a ton of her life as a young person chatting with her mother. She later outlined the young woman pack OMG Girlz with her friends and step-sisters. The social occasion disbanded in 2015.

Today, Zonnique has over 1.6 million Instagram allies and regularly attracts with fans on the web. She is pregnant with her most critical youth with lover Bandhunta Izzy.

Zonnique Pullins’ Twitter Presence

With more than 164,000 followers, Twitter is one of Zonnique Pullins’ essentially virtual amusement stages. Fans can procure information into her life by means of glancing through her handle “@ZonniqueJailee” and scrutinizing her tweets and replies.

Imperative Zonnique Twitter Minutes

All through the long haul, Zonnique Video : Tiny daughter Zonnique Pullins Twitter. In December 2020, she tweeted the primary photo of her baby young lady. She often progresses her music and Program The Mix on Twitter.

Zonnique furthermore teams up clearly with fans, responding to questions and comments. Actually she addressed pieces of gossip about joining OnlyFans on the stage.

Searching for Zonnique Pullins on Twitter

The best method for finding Zonnique’s tweets is to glance through her total name “Zonnique Pullins” or her handle “@ZonniqueJailee” on Twitter’s request bar. You can moreover click directly on her profile photo from question things.

At the point when on her page, examine her tweets and replies, media, and likes to see her Twitter activity. Try to check the Channels menu for decisions like Top or Latest tweets.

Key Information from Zonnique’s Twitter Record

Zonnique’s Twitter account outfits a quick line of correspondence with her as an important person. Fans can learn about her music, TV projects, everyday life, and ends on late worries. Her tweets offer a valid, unfiltered look at her personality and interests. She often shows her silly funny tendency on the stage.

Snapchat and Zonnique Pullins

Despite Twitter, Zonnique Pullins is dynamic on Snapchat under the username “Zonniquejailee”. She gives fans a short investigate her normal everyday presence through true Snapchat stories.

Zonnique’s Snapchat Username

To find Zonnique’s Snapchat profile, search for the particular username “zonniquejailee” on Snapchat’s interest bar. Her profile photo is at present a selfie showing her pregnant girth. Try to tap the “+” button to add her as an ally to see her public stories. Her classified stories are just observable to dear mates.

Posts from Zonnique’s Snapchat Record

Zonnique’s Snapchat posts every now and again show off her pregnancy interaction and time with darling Bandhunta Izzy. She shares video bits showing expert visits, kid gifts, allure gatherings, and loosening up at home. Fans moreover get a glance at her developments, family time with Microscopic, and behind the scenes minutes from projects. She propels new music and TV appearances through her Snapchat moreover.

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