Write For Us Guest Post – Guidelines Ans Submit Details!

Do you have a passion for writing news updates and site reviews? You are welcome to join our team of passionate writers if your answer yes. Our site’s success is due to the hard work of our experienced writers, who have been with us for many years. 

Aartaids.com’s guest post community is growing in popularity. We often receive many requests for guest posts on our site. However, Write for us guest post are not the only thing you need to do. We also have high-quality content writing guidelines that you should read before writing.

What Are Aartaids Looking For?

You should thoroughly explore our website before you start any process. Learn about our services and the type of content that we post.

A weblog on multiple topics such as 

  • reviews of electronic sites, 
  • reviews of clothing sites, and 
  • the latest news about technology, personality, and business websites.

We are looking for writers who can Submit guest post by creating original, informative, and entertaining content!

  • Guest post on any topics
  • Trending news articles
  • Website Review 
  • Technology Articles
  •  Product Review

Get extensive knowledge by writing for us. We recommend that contributors create a blog based on accurate information.

What articles do we publish on our website?

Our leading review platform features multiple articles such as website reviews, product reviews, and technology posts. We also post news articles, marketing posts, and other topics. It is important to check out our website before you start writing Guest posts for General topics.

News Articles:

For this form of writing, we have a group of writers whose job is to take the reference from the trending news and write an article with the easiest wording for our viewers.

Website reviews:

In this form of writing, our writers researched a website and provided all the facts related to that website by researching a few parameters.

  •  Domain name. 
  • Social media presence. 
  • Trust score. 
  • Privacy policy.
  •  PROS and CONS and 
  • Certifications. 

This helps our viewers to know whether the website is legit or not. Before you send your post to us, read the Guest Contributor Guidelines.

Product reviews:

Our writer researches a product and provides information on various important things that are as follows:

  • Product availability.
  • Product legitimacy.
  • Customer Feedback.
  • PROS and CONS of that product.

It helps our customers to decide before buying.

Why write for Aartaids?

  • Your business idea will be exposed among lots of people through our website.
  • Your website’s SEO value can be increased.
  • Building strong relationships with your target audience or potential customers is possible.

https://www.artaids.com/ welcomes contributors to write on our website. But they need to know before they post, they need to know a few things. 

  • Content must be Unique.
  • Researched properly.
  • Attractive.
  • Grammatically correct. 

Guidelines for Write for us guest post:

  • The maximum word count for a post should not exceed 1000 words
  • It should not be copied.
  • For better readability, make sure to include headings and subheadings.
  • Create Grammatical-error-free content.
  • It is unacceptable to repeat content.
  • Write the article with all information about the Pros, Cons, and Features.
  • Your article must contain at least two images
  • It should be easy to read, informative, and engaging.

This are the guidelines that every writer must follow before they start writing guest posts.

What are the benefits of using our website as a Write for us blog medium?

Our write for us site is secured with a preventive algorithm. This makes it legal for any time of the day.

  • We’ve provided the most interesting news and review content based on genuine answers, and we promoted it to the maximum extent.
  • Valid HTTPS identification has been scanned to prove it is compatible with protocols.
  • We share relevant information with the viewers. 
  • According to the most recent research, we were tracked and found out that the website has an SSL certificate.
  • We strictly adhere to the copyright policy and website policy.


Write for us guest post is not easy for everyone, only professional writers can easily write a guest post. Before you start writing for us, always follow all the rules that we have provided to you in this article.

Want to become our family member and write guest posts, then reach us by sending an email at editor.bloggernewssites@gmail.com before you start writing for us.