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Latest News Video de Juliana y Maxi Peleando

The “Video de Juliana y Maxi Peleando” has created a ruckus on interpersonal organizations and the media. This recording shows a shocking contention between Juliana Díaz and Maxi Guidici, creating a wide open response to the rough pictures and shouts that can be heard.

Relationship setting

The “Video de Juliana y Maxi Peleando” was delivered soon after the conclusion of the friendship among Juliana and Maxi based on terrible conditions was affirmed. It wasn’t well before the video turned into a web sensation, causing different responses among the crowd.

Video subtleties

The specific beginning and hole of the “Video de Juliana y Maxi Peleando” are as yet the subject of hypothesis. In it, you can see a fierce contention among Maxi and Juliana, with expressions and activities that left many in shock.

Repercussions in the media

The program “Intermetidos en la Tarde”, facilitated via Carlos Monti, only introduced the “Video de Juliana y Maxi Peleando“, which created quick responses from different projects and TV characters.

Job of Camila Lattanzio

Camila Lattanzio assumed a significant part in the hole of the “Video de Juliana y Maxi Peleando.” This came after past allegations among Juliana and Camila. What’s more, Camila uncovered insights regarding Maxi’s way of behaving and how she attempted to allure her.

Responses and explanations

After the divulgence of the “Video de Juliana y Maxi Peleando”, both Maxi and Juliana gave reactions to the allegations. A few moderators and TV programs dissected the substance of the video, and presently there are bits of gossip about conceivable legitimate and legal outcomes because of this video.


The “Video de Juliana y Maxi Peleando” emphatically affects general assessment. It is an unmistakable reflection on the obligation and results of sharing close satisfied on broad communications.

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