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The stunning video that circled on informal organizations showing the specific snapshot of the homicide of Sabrina Duran Montero Instagram in Padre Hurtado is circumventing the world.

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On the morning of Tuesday, October 24, 2022, a stunning manslaughter happened in the Metropolitan District of Chile. Sabrina Duran Montero Instagram, known as “Ina, the narco sovereign,” was shot dead by obscure attackers in the Padre Hurtado collective.

The case stunned popular assessment given the profile of the person in question, who was a notable medication dealer and web-based entertainment force to be reckoned with. Her homicide has all the earmarks of being a settling of scores between groups of thugs that question control of medication dealing with the southern area of the capital.

Profile of Sabrina Durán Montero “Ina”

Sabrina Duran Montero Instagram, around 30 years of age, was nicknamed “Ina” in the criminal climate. The lady had a broad police record connected with drug dealing and she was viewed as a risky medication dealer in the Peñaflor region.

As indicated by specialists, Durán had been let out of jail roughly a month prior in the wake of carrying out a 3-year punishment for violations related with Medication Regulation 20,000. Before her capture in 2022, “Ina” drove her own group committed to dealing with unlawful substances different pieces of the Metropolitan Area.

Murder of Sabrina Durán

The manslaughter of Sabrina Durán happened at roughly 10:30 a.m. at the convergence of Alberto Fortunate Gana and Primera Cross-over roads, Padre Hurtado community.

As indicated by primer data, the lady was moved toward by no less than 3 subjects while she was driving her vehicle through the area. The aggressors captured her, shot her something like multiple times with guns and took her vehicle, and afterward escaped from her.

In the wake of getting numerous discharge wounds, Sabrina Duran Montero Instagram was taken to the SAPU St Nick Rosa nearby, however she passed on because of the seriousness of her wounds. The taken vehicle seemed deserted and consumed hours after the fact in the Quilicura collective.

Theories about wrongdoing

The West High Intricacy Examiner’s Office is exploring the homicide of the notable medication dealer and force to be reckoned with. Despite the fact that there are no prisoners, the primary speculation recommends that it would be a settling of records between hostile groups of thugs that work in the south-west area of Santiago.

Indeed, even the cooperation of a gathering of contract killers in the wrongdoing isn’t precluded, taking into account the frigidity and coordination with which the aggressors acted. Disagreements regarding the control of medication dealing with profoundly minimized areas frequently lead to fierce killings between the heads of the various packs.

Criminal history of “Ina”

Sabrina Durán’s police record shows her broad involvement with the criminal world. As verified by the Public Service, the lady was carrying out a punishment of 3 years of directed discharge for wrongdoings related with Medication Regulation No. 20,000.

Beforehand, in Walk 2022, Durán had been captured after a significant activity by the Insightful Police (PDI) in the town of Las Praderas de Peñaflor, thought about one of its primary fortresses.

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