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Lil Nas X Not Gay, in the event that savages come after them on the web, chances are they’ll either never notice, or they’ll see it however decide to disregard.

That is not generally the situation with Lil Nas X Not Gay, however, as the dynamic Twitter client is a long way from terrified of applauding back at individuals who come after him. Over the course of the end of the week, for instance, one Twitter client said they feel like the rapper is “not exactly gay” and Nas won’t let that be.

Sharing a clasp from Lil Nas X Not Gay‘ Lollapalooza Chile execution, a Twitter client composed on Walk 17, “I feel like he’s not exactly gay or not exactly that female it’s so constrained.” Another client answered, “I think he is, however he constrained the ladylike part,” and the first banner answered, “Yes as he don’t radiate female energy by any means and when he stuffs like this it’s somewhat flinch or falls off unauthentic. It resembles he’s an exaggeration of a fem kid idk.”

In light of the underlying tweet, Nas excused them by composing the following day, “good gracious folks it’s the estrogen master.”

This comes not long after Lil Nas X Not Gay ended up in a touch of online heated water when the trans local area protested a joke of his.

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