Questions to Answer Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Questions to Answer Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injuries are serious, so you should put some effort into seeking legal representation. The personal injury lawyer selected plays a crucial role in determining your claim’s success and the compensation received.

The best approach to identifying the best representation for your case is to vet the available options thoroughly. If you’re in Atlanta and want to file your claim, it’d help to consider experts like for professional services. Here are questions to ask your personal injury lawyer before agreeing.

How Much Do They Charge?

Lawyers have varying prices. It makes it necessary to confirm how much they charge before hiring. Luckily, most personal injury lawyers operate under the basis of contingency fees. You don’t have to pay for services until you recover monetary compensation from the lawsuit.

Note that the contingency fee doesn’t require any legal fees upfront. Instead, their payment comes from a fixed percentage of the money awarded after the case gets resolved. It’d be wise to confirm this percentage early to avoid any future complications.

How Long Have They Practiced Personal Injury Law?

Finding an experienced lawyer increases your chances of success significantly. To know how long they have been practicing personal injury law. The entire process becomes effortless if you become direct with your questioning.

Dig deeper and confirm if any of the cases handled were similar to yours and their outcomes. Most attorneys can show you a list of similar cases, how they dealt with each, and whether they succeeded. Don’t be surprised to find that most cases get settled before trial.

Are There Weaknesses in Your Case?

All personal injury cases are unique. Experienced lawyers should have the necessary skills to evaluate your case and identify weaknesses. If they claim your case has no issues, take it as a red flag and consider secondary advice. A genuine lawyer values honesty and will communicate all issues.

An ideal claim should have at least one flaw, especially with the legal system’s complexity. A lawyer in your best interests should alert you of these weaknesses and propose corrective measures to guarantee maximum compensation.

How Is Communication Maintained

Communication also plays a massive role in the success of your personal injury claim. Unfortunately, most legal teams lack a practical communication approach to sharing information between the client and the lawyer. It’d help to confirm the communications channel used before hiring a PI attorney.

The ideal legal representative should feature a reliable line of communication to build a strong client relationship. Some clients love to be involved, and occasional updates will prove beneficial.

What If I Lose My Case?

Another crucial question most ignore is what happens when you lose the case. Answering this question is vital as it can significantly disrupt your financial livelihood. Note that personal injury lawyers are paid on a contingency basis.

For most lawyers, you’ll have to pay the various litigation costs involved if your case goes to court and you lose. These costs include filing and medical retrieval fees, which accumulate as your case progresses. However, some lawyers won’t charge.

How Long Will Resolution Take

The time taken to reach an agreement will depend on several factors. It will take longer if the injuries and damage are severe. Other variables to consider when estimating the proceeding’s duration include court calendars, the case’s complexity, and the defendant’s attitude toward settling. Complex cases can take up to three years, while minor disputes are settled within a year.

Having your personal injury attorney answer the above questions will help you find the perfect legal representation. With the right lawyer, you can settle your case faster and secure worthwhile compensation.

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