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Cookie policy

Cookie policy uses cookies. Cookies are small data files that are stored on your computer when you visit the website. Cookies enable a website to work properly and to gain insight into visitor behavior on the website. With this information, the Web services and user experience of your website can be improved. Cookies form no risk for the security of your computer. You can delete Cookies from your computer any time you want.Functional and Third-party cookiesCookies can be divided into functional and third-party cookies. Functional cookies are necessary for proper operation of the site and ensure that each time you visit our website the required information is quickly and correctly displayed. The third-party cookies serve to inform us about the number of visitors to the site and how those visitors use the site. This information helps us to optimize the site further. These files will disappear automatically when you close your Internet browser or will be saved on your computer up to 12 months after your last visit.

The third-party cookies are used on to:

  • Register and analyze visitor behavior on the website with Google analytics
  • Make it possible to share and like content via Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms

More information about cookies and cookie legislation can be found at

Updating Cookie policy
This Cookie policy is subject to change. If changes are made in this document, you can get to the date at the bottom of the document to see when it was last done. We reserve the right to make changes to the way we handle data and to the conditions described in the Cookie policy. When you visit our website, you agree to the then current conditions of the Cookie policy.

January 2013