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SPAINIntimate Spaces 2.0. Talking about AIDS

SPAINIntimate Spaces 2.0. Talking about AIDS

5 April, 2012

INTIMATE SPACES emerged from the need to raise awareness and to promote the prevention of AIDS through the use of art as a vehicle for social integration and reaffirmation.

Intimate Spaces is a project based on collective intervention through contemporary art, which approaches intimate spaces as spaces for self-care and caring for others. It seeks to use art as a means of generating an arena for communal reflection around intimacy and related issues: public space and private space, individuality and interpersonal relationships, sexuality, risk, pleasure, etc.

The idea is to set up a context of trust, and, from there, invite participants to intervene in a creative process that will initially begin with individual reflection and expand into a collective artistic intervention.

The guest artist is Ariadna Rodríguez¹, who will work with the participants, introducing them to artistic processes and offering them the possibility of experiencing creative practices themselves.

This cycle of the Intimate Spaces project is being carried out at a series of Correctional Centres in Catalonia. It is structured into four sessions targeted at heterogeneous groups of 13 to16 inmates, in both men’s and women’s sections, who will experiment, explore and create around the concept of intimacy.



Centre Penitenciari d’Homes de Barcelona (La Modelo men’s prison), Centre Penitenciari de Dones de Barcelona (Wad Ras women’s prison), Centre Penitenciari de Quatre Camins, Centre Penitenciari de Joves (for inmates aged 18-21, La Roca del Vallès), Centre Penitenciari Brians 1 (men’s section and women’s section, Sant Esteve Sesrovires, Baix Llobregat), Centre Penitenciari Brians 2 (Sant Esteve Sesrovires, Baix Llobregat), Centre Penitenciari Lledoners (Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, Bages)


Centre Penitenciari de Girona, Centre Penitenciari de Figueres 


Centre Penitenciari de Tarragona


Centre Penitenciari de Ponent (men’s section and women’s section) _______________________________________________________

¹Ariadna Rodríguez studied Music (Coservatorio Superior del Liceu, Barcelona, and Berklee College of Music, Boston), Dance and Movement (ballet, contemporary and Body Weather) and Performance Art and Sound Art (School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and IPAH Workshops, Berlin). She has presented her own artistic projects in the United States, France, Germany and Spain. She recently presented her work at CORPOLOGIA (FEM festival, Girona), DIES DE NODES (Nodes de Grácia) and IN-ROMERIA (Raravis and La Poderosa). She will publish work in the next issue of the magazine EFÍMERA and she is the curator of the ‘cicle/sigle de Performance Art’ that has been in progress at Fidel Balaguer Gallery since October 2011

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