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Monthly Archives: April 2012

EL PAÍS SEMANAL – 15/04/2012

The Art Collector who Socialises Art Han Nefkens is an atypical, ‘socialising’ collector. He doesn’t stockpile artworks; he lends them to museums Out of his fight against AIDS and the aphasia that paralysed him, a totally new man was born Jesús Ruiz Mantilla It isn’t difficult to find wandering Dutchman Han Nefkens. One sea is his constant [...]

Bangkok Post / Brunch Magazine – Exhibition pulls hiv positive out of their lonely plight

Brunch Magazine, April 2012, Vol.5 No.14 Exhibition pulls hiv positive out of their lonely plight Following a battle with a deadly Aids-related brain infection a Dutch art enthusiast found ‘power in vulnerability’, commissioning and collecting works that deal with the deadly disease, pieces currently on show in Bangkok In 2001, an Aids-related brain infection forced Han Nefkens to [...]

Intimate Spaces 2.0. Talking about AIDS

INTIMATE SPACES emerged from the need to raise awareness and to promote the prevention of AIDS through the use of art as a vehicle for social integration and reaffirmation. Intimate Spaces is a project based on collective intervention through contemporary art, which approaches intimate spaces as spaces for self-care and caring for others. It seeks to [...]