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SpainExhibition ‘Intimate Spaces. Talking about AIDS’

SpainExhibition ‘Intimate Spaces. Talking about AIDS’

30 November, 2010

An Experimentem amb l’Art project organised by the ArtAids Foundation
From December 1 to 19, 2010
Tecla Sala Art Centre (L’Hospitalet)

The ArtAids Foundation presents the exhibition Intimate Spaces. Talking about AIDS, which is the fruit of an artistic and educational project in which a series of groups are invited to reflect on the concept of intimacy using the language of contemporary art.

This exhibition offers visitors the results of the sessions that were held with the first two participating groups: interventions with teenage students from the educational centre UEC Raval (Unitats d’ Escolarització Compartida del Casal d’infants del Raval), and the artistic experiences of the group from the correctional facility DAE Quatre Camins (Departament d’Atenció Especialitzada del Centre Penitenciari), through installations, videos and self-portraits.

The creative process

To start off the process, an educator works with elements provided by the artist duo Cristina Calderón and J. Paulette to engage participants in a dialogue around their own intimate spaces and related feelings: pleasure, risk, trust, solitude, agreement and disagreement… and invites them to devise a group creation that encompasses parts of the self that are more visible, and parts of the hidden self. The groups explore the question of whether our relationship with our surroundings includes a risk factor, and the subject of HIV and AIDS is implicitly or explicitly introduced in order to probe whether it is an element that is present in the intimate spaces of the participants.

The point of departure for the process is an artistic installation based on the quintessential physical intimate space – a bedroom – which is gradually transformed by the contributions that the participants re-work and add during the creative process.