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Miquel Bardagil

Miquel Bardagil is a free-lance curator from Barcelona. He has curated exhibitions including Beautiful People (2007-09, Altkirch, Leeuwarden, Lleida, Prague), La Resta no és Silenci (2008, Barcelona), Mirades singulars (2003, Barcelona), Artifici (1998, Vic) and L’ombra de l’arquitecte (1996, Vic). He has contributed to journals including Papers d’Art (Girona), Transversal (Lleida), Ars Mediterrania (Barcelona) and L’Avenç (Barcelona). He is a founding member of H (Association for Contemporary Arts) in Vic. Miquel Bardagil is curator of the ArtAids project On the Outside Looking In, which is to be held in Barcelona in 2009.