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Juul Hondius

Photographer Juul Hondius often shows people – apparently refugees or illegal immigrants – on the move in buses or cars. At first sight his photographs seem documentary but in fact he stages his aesthetic compositions with great care. Hondius likes to call them ‘factions’ (fictions based on facts). He forces us to question what we see and confronts us with our expectations, which are conditioned by media images that have become clichés. The H+F Collection contains eight photographs by Hondius, including the Stigma series which he made in 2007 at the request of ArtAids. With this series, Hondius participated in H+F Collection’s exhibition Choix d’Artistes, which was shown at the Institut Néerlandais in Paris in 2007. His work was also featured in H+F Collection’s travelling exhibition So Close/So Far Away (2007-08).