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About ArtAids

01_Opening UNAIDS building Nov 20 2006 4_Copers, Annan, Nefkens

ArtAids employs art in the fight against Aids by inviting leading artists to produce work dealing with Aids and related issues. These works of art are used to raise public consciousness and to encourage involvement. ArtAids furthermore initiates and supports projects aimed at preventing and fighting Aids.

The ArtAids foundation was set up by the Dutch writer and art collector Han Nefkens, owner of the H+F Collection. Nefkens’ discovery in 1987 that he was HIV positive brought about a radical change in his life. He came to realise that he was living in injury time; each moment is important to him. Han Nefkens sees the intensity of that experience reflected in the world of art, and has decided to use art to increase awareness of the Aids problem and to improve the lives of those living with HIV. Nefkens has established separate ArtAids organisations in the Netherlands, Thailand and Spain.

Now that ArtAids has a Barcelona base, regular activities will be organized in the city and in Catalonia. HIVACAT will be the beneficiary of the funds raised by the Foundation through its activities in Catalonia. ArtAids also makes direct contributions to the Fundació de Lluita contra la SIDA (Fight Aids Foundation), which is based at the Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol (Can Ruti) and works on the development of research to optimize treatment for HIV and related health problems.

Opening event 'More to Love'_Han and Thai Princess More to Love_exhibition view with works of Van der Kaap Leo Copers_project Bangkok HELLO2

Illustrated top: Kofi Annan, Leo Copers and Han Nefkens at the opening of the new UNAIDS headquarters, in Geneva in November 2006. Commissioned by ArtAids, Copers created a work consisting of thirteen reproductions of Redouté prints of roses, coloured with infected human blood.

Illustrated bottom: Han Nefkens and HRH Princess Somsawali at the opening event of More to Love: The Art of Living Together, 24 July 2008. More to Love visitors with photographs by Gerald Van Der Kaap and Leo Copers’ video work Hello.