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Category Archives: Artists

L. A. Raeven

(Heerlen, 1971) Twin sisters Liesbeth and Angelique Raeven form an artistic duo who create videos, photographs, installations and performances. The work focuses on body-related themes such as physical appearance, beauty, certain bodily disorders (such as anorexia), and their relationship to identity, obsessions and feelings of love, hate, self-acceptance and self-esteem. PARTICIPATES INOn THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN WITH [...]

Javier Peñafiel

(Saragossa, 1964) Javier Peñafiel is an artist who uses photography, drawing, video, installation, writing and performance to explore the paths of language, the construction of the self and the individual’s relationship to different social structures. He then displays points of contact, crossroads where we may find possible critical portrayals of society. Participates in On the outside looking [...]

Pornprasert Yamazaki

Born TH / Works in TH Pornprasert Yamazaki’ s art works address issues of capitalism and consumerism in Thai society. An extremely versatile and skilled artist, his handcrafted sculptures and installations are a visual feast with a sharp bite. Yamazaki is a participant in the 2008 More to Love project.

Sue Williamson

Born 1942, Lichfield (GB) / Works in SA British-born Sue Williamson immigrated to South Africa at an early age and currently lives in Cape Town. She became deeply involved in the anti-apartheid movement in the 1970s. In her work she addresses social, political and historical abuses. Recurring themes are mortality, the falsification of history, racial discrimination [...]

Erich Weiss

Born 1966, Waregem (BE) / Works in FR/BE Belgian artist Erich Weiss lives and works in France and Belgium. He works in a broad range of media including photography, video, installation, sound, performance, drawing and collage. Very often his works refer to literature, art history or to a precise local context. He has created site-specific projects [...]

Noree Thammarak

Born in TH / Works in TH Noree Thammarak is a young Thai artist who draws on Buddhist philosophies of spirituality and death. Her recent series of photographs of herself under water have an ethereal quality. Thammarak was one of the artists selected for Bangkok’s Brand New exhibition programme in 2006. She is a participant in [...]

Prateep Suthathongthai

Born 1980 (TH) / Works in TH Suthathongthai is a multimedia artist with a background in painting. He is inspired by aspects of Thai society and culture and has used images of Thai dance and Thai architecture. Sutathongthai was one of the artists selected for Thailand’s Brand New exhibition in 2008. Prateep Suthathongthai is a participant [...]

Martine Stig

Born 1972, Nijmegen (NL) / Works in NL In her photographs, Martine Stig explores the medium of photography itself. Stig always works in series, each of which makes the viewer think about photography in a different way. She plays with our expectations, which are based on our previous experiences and on the context in which the [...]

Manit Sriwanichpoom

Born 1961, Bangkok (TH) / Works in TH Manit Sriwanichpoom is a highly acclaimed photographer. In his photographic commentaries on contemporary Thailand, he broaches social and political subjects that have been overshadowed by Thailand’s desire for economic growth and modernisation. Initially working in a documentary style, he now places a greater emphasis on imaginative interpretation. Sriwanichpoom [...]

Shirana Shahbazi

Born 1974, Teheran (IR) / Works in CH/IR At the age of eleven Shirana Shahbazi moved from Iran to Germany, where she later studied photography. Although Shahbazi now lives in Zurich, she spends much of the year in Teheran. Her photographic series deal with the often stereotypical Western image of non-Western cultures and religions and with [...]