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Mataró artist, Veronica Aguilera, with her project “En volver”, has been named winner of the Grant awarded by the ArtAids Foundation in collaboration with Can Xalant. The Grant provides production funding for a new video project relating to the issue of AIDs. The completed work will be exhibitied in December


“Wrapping People in a First-Aid Blanket” is a project that uses video to develop a series of actions that are like quick notes around AIDS and its transmission.
The project offers each person the opportunity to participate and reflect on the illness and the way it is transmitted.
Metaphors are part of our way of thinking, of understanding the world. Wrapping deals with the concept of protection through the action of enveloping different people in a first-aid thermal blanket.
It offers a subtle and metaphoric reflection on the illness and its transmission that is far removed from the advertising techniques we are all familiar with.


Life is full of chemical reactions: in plants (photosynthesis), in our bodies (breathing, digestion), all around us (in kitchens, laboratories, industry…).
In order to keep us healthy, our immune or defence system takes charge of dealing with any internal or external attack. The immune system traps any foreign elements that it detects, and destroys them through cells located in different parts of our bodies. The defence agents are white blood cells called lymphocytes and another type of cell called macrophages. Our immune system also produces antibodies to fight foreign elements, whether they be viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc
This video project talks to us about our bodies in an entertaining and original way, about our bodies’ reactions to possible external threats and about our lived experiences. In the video and during the rehearsals a dialogue takes place with the interlocutors about their fears and concerns about their bodies and the potential threats that they are exposed to on a daily basis.


  •  The project “Wrapping People in a First-Aid Blanket” aims to promote attitudes of respect towards all “human” persons, without distinction.
  • “Wrapping” is a reminder that we are all vulnerable to illness in order to learn to feel, tolerate, value.
  • It connects concepts like “wrapping and protecting” in order to develop a creative project dealing with AIDS, the illness and its transmission.


  • To allow participants to become involved in an arts project through direct experience.
  • To directly and creatively display personal experiences around the illness and its consequences.
  • To create a video document that can be used to raise awareness in a more direct and personal way.